English Homestay: Lessons

Private lesson with Lilly and one of our students

Our programme is tailored for you. All our English lessons are private and one to one, (or two to one). Our teachers can meet your special requirements; they are experienced English language professionals, able to identify your particular needs. They will discuss what you would like to focus on: listening and speaking, grammar, reading and writing and pronunciation. You will read interesting articles, discuss different subjects, practice your written English and learn new vocabulary. You may also listen to CDs, the radio and watch television for comprehension practice. But the main way you will improve your fluency is through conversation with native speakers, listening to good English all day and having your English corrected as you speak. And remember – you are learning and speaking English all day, not just in lesson time.



Trafalgar Square, London

There are lots of beautiful and interesting places to visit in and around Brighton. Your host teacher will accompany you on two afternoon outings a week and help you to choose what to do on your free afternoons. At the weekend we can organise trips to places like Stonehenge and Bath. We can also help you organise a trip to London with or without a guide: there you can visit galleries, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London. Or, if you prefer, you can go shopping or just stroll around and take in the exciting atmosphere of the city. Please see our prices page for the London visit. Local visits are included.

Why Brighton?

Brighton PavilionBrighton is the most popular seaside town in England and there is so much to do! The town is famous for its beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere. The beach is lined with cafes, bars, restaurants and shops.

You can swim in the sea, visit a museum, go shopping, go to the theatre or cinema, take a walk in the countryside, visit typical English pubs and tea rooms, go to a gallery and eat in one of Brighton’s many good restaurants. The town is surrounded by beautiful hills, the South Downs, with many walks and pretty, typical English villages. Brighton attracts creative people and international visitors because of its vibrant atmosphere – and it is only 50 minutes by train from London.

Suggested programme

Monday to Friday:

Three hour private, one to one lesson each morning

Breakfast and lunch with your teacher

Two local afternoon outings with your teacher

Three free afternoons to explore or study

Dinner with your teacher

One evening out for drinks with Cathy and Lilly

Saturday and Sunday:

Free days or optional trips outside Brighton

Meals provided if required

Optional courses

General English

This is a perfect ‘survival’ course and will improve your fluency and prepare you for talking to friends and meeting new people, dating, going to pubs and restaurants, travelling (buses, trains) and shopping etc – in fact, all the basic English language you need to cope with different situations in the UK and abroad. This also prepares you for networking with colleagues, socialising, talking round the dinner table and chatting at parties.

English for business

This course is specially designed for your individual business needs. You will make rapid progress in fluency, in professional English, concentrating on the language skills you need in meetings, negotiations, telephoning, presentations and communicating in English. You will also practice the social English you need when meeting and entertaining your clients, looking after overseas visitors and travelling on business.

English for teachers

This course aims to further the development of teachers so that they can return to the classroom with skills and resources that will improve the performance of their students. Teachers will learn how to establish clear objectives that match the outcomes of their learners. Reviewing work to consolidate and reinforce learning is imperative and teachers need to provide the learner with the tools to become more independent.

Please ask us about group prices

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