English language homestay courses for adults in Brighton

We provide private English language homestay courses for adults in Brighton – one to one tuition and accommodation with your teacher in their home.

My English Friends offers English language homestay courses in your teacher’s home. We provide intensive one to one tuition with an experienced, qualified teacher and comfortable homestay accommodation in the house of your teacher. Live with your teacher and receive three hours’ lessons five days a week, tailored to your needs, plus trips and social activities. You benefit from total immersion in the English language and English way of life, the best way to improve fluency quickly.

We also offer homestay accommodation with one of our Directors.
This option includes tailored private tuition from an external teacher. It is suitable for students who wish to broaden their immersion experience by engaging with two teachers. You will receive specially personalised classes from one of our most experienced teachers while staying in a comfortable and centrally located apartment. The fastest way to learn English!

English language homestay courses in your teacher's home

My English friends tutors

Our English language teachers are closely interviewed, and all qualifications and references are checked; you are fully supported during your course and we ensure you are comfortable and happy throughout your stay.


  • Intensive one to one classes with an experienced private tutor.
  • Experience the British way of life, living with your host teacher.
  • Full board and accommodation, including three meals a day.
  • Tailored for adults who wish to enjoy mature company.
  • Spend time with native English speakers, and improve fluency.
  • Enjoy outings to places of interest, and social activities.
  • Stay in Brighton – the most popular English seaside town – “London by the sea”.
Perfect! The best and only way to master the English language. A most enriching experience.
A very intensive programme – the lessons were inspirational.
My family was so kind and welcoming – I never felt alone.
I found the course so great I plan to comeback to Brighton!
You really will live like an English person!
I learnt more in these two weeks than in three years with my teacher in Switzerland.
If I had the choice to do it again, I would.
My teacher was the best I could wish to have. She’s not just a teacher, she’s a very, very special person.
A wonderful experience! A beautiful city! Very professional teachers!
Contact with the language is everywhere, all the time.
My English Friends made my stay in Brighton great.

“The quality of the lessons is fantastic, worthwhile, fun and relaxing at the same time as productive. The atmosphere here is very charming and the people living here are also very kind and always interacting with me. Everything has been better than I thought. I’ve learnt not only English but also about life! Lots of thanks to you all. I’ve enjoyed like a child being with all your friends and I have never felt out of place.”
Julio, Spain

We understand the challenges of being in another country: language problems, cultural differences, finding people who can help you make the most of your visit; we look after you – My English friends is your ‘home from home’. Improve your English and have fun while on holiday!

English language homestay courses are the best way to improve your English!

Improve your fluency – it’s easy and fun!

About us

English language homestay courses in your teacher's home

My English Friends

My English Friends is run by a group of very experienced, highly qualified teachers. We offer the mature adult total immersion in the English language and the English way of life through private, one to one homestay courses in Brighton. We are a small, friendly company and Lilly and Cathy, the directors, meet and spend time with all our students, making sure you are  happy and well looked after.

As our teachers live in and around around Brighton, we know them personally. We all have a variety of interests and backgrounds; you will have the opportunity to meet people and engage in lively conversation about music, art, world news, theatre etc to improve your fluency in real life situations. And most importantly, you will be treated as part of the family.


A (very) short history of Brighton

English language homestay courses in your teacher's home

Brighton streets

Brighton began as a small Saxon village called Beorthelm’s Tun (Beorthelm’s farm or village) in the 5th century. By the 14th century it was a busy little market town. In 1514 and again in 1545 the French burned down the town, which was easy as most buildings were wooden with thatched roofs; but despite this, Brighton was soon rebuilt and by 1580 Beorthelm’s Tun became a flourishing little town with a population of around 2,500. Brighton, the modern name for the town, was first recorded in 1660.
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English language homestay courses in your teacher’s home

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